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For the second consecutive year we have been awarded the Idermo Awards, where they meet pharmacists, influencers and consumers, commenting on their favorite products of Dermocosmetics.

Already last year, in the edition of 2015, our Velvet Sun Screen Facial 50 + took the Silver Award to the most innovative product. And the texture of Velvet has certainly revolutionized the concept of photoprotection.

Accustomed when we apply a photoprotector to greasy textures, impossible applications, whitish remains and uncomfortable sensations, the texture of Velvet is surprising, because nobody expects that after that cosmetics hides a photoprotector. Is it normal to apply a protector and not have a feeling of heaviness?

This year despite not being the best-known brand, despite taking only little more than 3 years in the Spanish market, despite not being in all pharmacies have obtained in this edition 2016 of the awards Idermo the Silver Award for Best Solar.

Without a doubt, we can say that Velvet Sun Screen leaves no one indifferent to anyone who has the possibility of proving it. There is not always a product in the market that brings something new and different and improves adherence to use, in this case, the Photoprotector all year, which in the end is what industry, dermatologists and pharmacies do not stop preaching: "Wear the sunscreen all year" ... to Time with VELVET is possible 😉


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