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Dermalgae has proved to be in this 2016 one of the most innovative launches in clinical dermatology.

We have been pioneers in providing a new bioactive of natural and marine origin such as the phytoplankton extract. Which allows us to speak of "Biodermocosmética", thanks to its mechanism of action, completely different with respect to the cosmetic therapies that exist today.

The extract of marine plankton, achieved thanks to 5 exclusive species of Microalgae, is a multicompetent bioactive that goes beyond the contribution of lipids. Its bioactive capacity when coming into contact with the skin causes an increase of the vascularization of the zone, which favors the transport of compounds necessary for the process of the epithelization. So it stimulates endogenous regeneration at the cellular level.

In this 2017 we are happy to communicate the enlargement of the family Dermalgae, so it will be composed of 5 references:

  • Dermalgae Bath Gel 1000 ml (CN 178100.0) → Syndet Gel of daily use for the maintenance of atopic skins or prone to desquamation and irritation. Concentration 0.5% marine plankton.
  • Dermalgae Bath Gel Intensive 400 ml (CN 178101.7) → Intensive Syndet Gel, recommended in cases of intense itching. Concentration 1% marine plankton.
  • Dermalgae Shampoo 250 ml (CN 178099.7) → Care for desquamated scalp and associated itching. Concentration 1% marine plankton.
  • Dermalgae Regenerative Cream 50 ml (CN 178102.4) → Daily protection and hydration of hands with a tendency to desquamation and irritation. Concentration 5% marine plankton.
  • Dermalgae Moisturizing Cream (100 ml – cn 177498.9) (250 ml – cn 177499.6) → Daily Care that helps the epithelization of the area. Concentration 5% marine plankton.

Of course, like all other APLIDERM products, the Spanish certificate of origin is also present on the Dermalgae line.

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