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The search for new active principles that make a difference and that offer real and effective benefits is one of the unattainable goals of any Dermocosmético laboratory. We say unattainable, not because it is impossible to achieve it, but because it is a cyclical and endless objective, fortunately for all. We started the search, we found the differentiating element, we worked with it for years in order to offer its greatest benefit, we elaborated and we brought to the market our product, we surprised... And while all this happens, the search has started again or, better Said, never stopped.

That's how we are in South Dermoestética.
Just a couple of months ago we had the great satisfaction of being able to bring to fruition one of these cycles, with the resettlement of the new cosmetic line DMK 100% Mar and the new formulation of the child line BioCARE. First cosmetic line and first line of CuidadoInfantil formulated 100% sea water from the market.

Both lines share the same leitmotiv: the Power of the sea.
In this constant search comes to our hands a bottle of seawater, a gift that receives a companion on the occasion of his newly released pregnancy, and whose objective is to help her to care for her skin with the "healing" power of this particular water. A simple gesture of goodwill that gives us an idea, why keep looking on earth the power offered by the sea?

We knew that, since time immemorial, seawater was used in the treatment of certain dermatological conditions. In fact, in different spas that adorn much of the Spanish coast, Thalassotherapy is practiced, which consists precisely in the use of the resources of the marine environment, under medical supervision, with a preventive and/or curative purpose. When we talk about the marine environment, we refer to water, algae, sludge, sand and plankton.

Here begins our journey of study, research, expert consultations, laboratory tests, formulations... all with the sea as the protagonist.

Being faithful to our philosophy and being proud to be the first company in the Sector to get the seal of Spanish origin, our search for seawater as the main raw material should not cross the Spanish territory, although according to our studies Nor was it necessary to find it of the best quality. Our seawater is extracted from Cabo de Gata to....... from the coast and to...... deep, ensuring that all and the best properties we seek to offer the market are present in this water.

There are many benefits that we obtain, not only at the level of formulation, since it has allowed us to simplify the formulas eliminating preservatives and mineral oils, but respect to the skin offers multiple properties:

  • It's a great antibiotic and antiseptic.
  • It is a great cleanser, it is a very effective remedy against skin conditions like the
    Acne and psoriasis.
  • revitalizes tissues, balances and delays skin aging.
  • It reinforces the cutaneous barrier and preserves the balance of the skin cells.
  • It contains numerous mineral elements with antioxidant effects.
  • Helps healing.
  • Promotes hydration.
  • It acts as a conductor of the active principle in the exact amount that the cell needs.

Our formulas have demonstrated their great power of effectiveness over time. The continuous and collaborative work with numerous dermatologists faithful to the results enjoyed by their patients through our products, certifies it. But you can always do better, you can always learn new techniques, discover new principles that not only increase the effectiveness of our products, but become unique.

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