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Facial Tonic 100% Sea

Formulated with seawater, alpha hydroxy and soothing active principles unify skin tone, eliminates imperfections, Seborregula and regenerates.

No parabens.


Promotes a microexfoliation by achieving: prevent aging, correct stains, improve luminosity, regulate sebaceous secretion, decrease pore size. It also has antioxidant properties.

  • Indication:It is indicated as a final step in every cleaning routine.
  • Active ingredient:Seawater, salicylic acid, hamamelis water, tamarind (AHA), copper-PCA.
  • How to use:Last step in daily facial cleaning. Press once on the dispenser, with a cotton and apply across the surface of the face and neck.
  • c.n.:184984.7
  • Vol:230 ml
  • Inci:Maris Aqua. Aqua. Glycerin. Propylene glycol. Tartaric acid. Copper-PCA. Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract. Salicilic acid. Tamarindus indicates extract. Isopropyl alcohol. Potassium sorbate. Sorbic acid. Sodium hydroxide.

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